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Unstructured Data Discovery & Governance

With DataAwareness™ service, you can automatically discover and monitor your Global Company Data patrimony. Identifying sensitive company and customer data, confidential and Classified Data, and be in the correct position to have “control” on your Data and maybe run Projects as DLP, Cyber Security Risk mitigation, Data Minimization, Cloud migration and other.

The Data Awareness by DataAwarenesstm is the first step.


Apply multiple file labels that reflect multiple policies of privacy, security and operational concerns for secure classification according to user, context and content.


Identifies, maps, categorizes, and indexes unstructured data within files in seconds. Make breach disclosure of the compromised data a fast, seamless process.


Privacy Compliance

Achieve continuous GDPR and other privacy compliance on unstructured data on a per file, per regulations article basis


Cutting Cloud Costs

Move to the cloud with only required data for lower costs. while enabling secure file sharing in all SaaS.


Data Protection

Secure your unstructured PI and sensitive data across your cloud and on-premise repositories with policies that reflect your business priorities


Breached Accounts

Quickly discover what unstructured data down to the detailed entity was compromised for reporting regulations and to mitigate customer attrition.


Who we are

A staff of professional with large experiences in ICT & Technology Projects. Consolidated background on advanced solution, project implementation and System Integration. Adavanced solutions deployment, customization of services, channels management in Europe and other countries.
The Team is also expert on Education and Service development in several fields.

Other Services


Move to the cloud with only required data for lower costs. while enabling secure file sharing in all SaaS.


The best and most innovative technologies for the transformation and digital representation of business processes, organize the collection of digital information.


We provide, distribute & delivery advanced solutions and Technology for many different fields and purpose. Innovative solutions for applications, benefit and services: Vibroacoustic Technology for Immersive and innovative Sound for Houses, Business & Hospitality innovative environments